Ducking Stool Hire Cumbria

Our Ducking Stool is avaliable to hire in Cumbria for your event. Our Ducking stool is the only one in the area and a fun, entertaining way to raise money at your event. The Ducking stool is a simple device where someone sits on a seat above a large tub of water then people throw balls at a taget hit the target directly and the person on the seat goes in to the water gets wet! Its great fun and easy to use.

Its NEW - Its GREAT - Its WET

Here are some of the ways you can use the Ducking Stool for hire at you event whether its is for charity, family or Corporate Events:

Duck yor Boss
Duck your Teacher
Duck a Friend
The list is Endless

The Ducking Stool has become one of the elite must have items at many Birthday Parties, Promotional events, Corporate Events and fun days. Our Ducking Stool combines the perfect atmosphere with pure fun and laughter for everyone.

So call us now for a quote and to check availability on

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Ducking Stool Hire Cumbria